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Real Scientists

Putting Citizen Science into Schools

Can school children contribute meaningfully to current research?
With citizen science they can!

Real Scientists offers school workshops for primary and secondary pupils that introduces them to high quality citizen science projects that are relevant to their interests and skills...

  • channel your inner astronaut and help classify and model distant galaxies
  • learn about archaeological looting and help identify potential dig sites
  • discover how air pollution affects the health of trees and contribute to mapping UK air quality
  • and many more.....

This is real experience of science with its excitments and disappointments and gives a flavour of what their school work is leading to - the potential to increase our knowledge in our world.

Real Scientist workshops are currently run across Yorkshire and the Humber and are fully linked to the curriculum. To find out more, please get in touch with Tamasin.

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Project Info

  • Client Run direct by VIATIC
  • Date Current
  • Type Citizen Science
  • Place Yorks & Humber

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