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Parenting Science Gang

Citizen Science in Action

Take 2,500 parents and ask them what questions they want scientific answers for and you get a list of ideas that are not well covered by current research.

Parenting Science Gang is supporting 8 groups of parents to identify gaps in research, collaborate with experts and design their own studies, and then carry out this research together, leading to publishable papers. All this is taking place on Facebook so that it can be fitted into members' lives more easily and reach a greater range of participants.

This is user-led citizen science (known by some as extreme citizen science) - research led by citizens and run by citizens to meet the needs of citizens.

The groups are investigating a wide range of topics including the composition of breast milk for over-2s, babywearing, flexischooling, gender stereotypes and extreme selective eating, and contributing meaningful information to the body of knowledge in these fields.

Tamasin is leading our side of the work as part of the core project team to develop the proposals and deliver the projects. Check out the Parenting Science Gang website for updates!

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