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Stay Tuned!

Implementing solutions across Europe
to reduce Early Leaving from Education & Training (ELET)

The Stay Tuned network is one of seven new “Implementation Networks” approved by URBACT in autumn 2016. Led by the City of Ghent and involving a total of nine cities from across Europe, this network will focus on the theme of reducing Early School Leaving (ESL) and boosting the frequency of education and skills qualifications in young people.

In contrast to previous URBACT networks, the Implementation Networks look at the transition from policy and strategy into delivery of tangible results. Doing this in a systematic way still remains a challenge for cities and governments and in creating a new type of network to support cities in making this transition, URBACT has taken a major step, signalling a willingness to move into what is traditionally more difficult territory.

Ian was approached by the City of Ghent to act as the URBACT Lead Expert for the project, establishing the baseline position of the network, supporting the Ghent team with the planning and running of the learning and exchange activities and coaching/mentoring all the cities as they move the the challenges facing them with the implementation of their respective strategies.

Phase 1 of the project has now been completed, with the Phase 2 beginning in June 2017 and running for two years through to June 2019.

You can read articles Ian has written about the project, on what the project aims to achieve and the nature of Implementation regarding ELET.

Project Info

  • Client City of Ghent / URBACT
  • Date Nov 2016 - June 2019
  • Type URBACT Implementation Network
  • Place Europe-wide
  • #IMPACTonESL / @StayTunedEU

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