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IAA Engagement Series

Connecting Practice with Research

Viatic have worked with the University of York to design and deliver a series of interactive and collaborative events as part of their ESRC “Impact Acceleration Account” or IAA.

The first of these events as part of the IAA Engagement Series we have developed was held in March 2016, attended by around 35 people and addressed the broad theme of “children and young people”. Participants were from a good mix of academia, local councils and VCS organisations, providing a lively discussion with a wide range of perspectives. This included youth support projects, children’s services staff, volunteering groups, mental health practitioners and other health professionals, as well as academics and university staff from a range of disciplines and departments.

There was some great discussion on the day, but this was not just a talking shop. The event was about exploring topics of interest and making connections with others interested in that field, but also about finding tangible areas for collaboration and co-production of knowledge or co-delivery of projects. Topics covered included mental health support for children and young people including early years interventions, obtaining better evidence for existing programmes, teacher recruitment and retention and creating better careers education for young people in care.

The themes and projects identified at the event were taken forward for development in subsequent workshops and had the opportunity to bid for funding from one of the two IAA funding streams to support their project.

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