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Unthink Kirklees

Unthink to rethink - new ways of working in Kirklees...

An exciting an ongoing project, working with Kirklees Council and the third sector organisation across the borough to develop new ways of working in the face of a radically changing funding landscape. This has been about taking the thinking back to basics, stripping away previous assumptions and approaches and engaging in honest discussion and examination of the challenges being faced and how we meet meet them, together and in an effective way.

It’s early stages, but it’s already been very different - both in terms of approach and in the types of discussions and work that is happening. Some fundamental issues have been identified together and we are starting to work on those. The initial focus is on funding within the sector, with the intention of testing the approach and then repeating with a second theme in the autumn.

We've been working with our good friends at The Satorilab on this one, who are helping to bring some new and exciting dimensions to it. Hopefully this will be the first of many successful collaborations of this sort...

-- Video still in production - coming soon! --

Project Info

  • Client Kirklees Council & Third Sector Leaders Kirklees
  • Date Summer/Autumn 2016
  • Type Open Innovation Events
  • Place Huddersfield / Kirklees
  • #Unthink

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