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Digital Creativity Labs and York Media Arts

Viatic have been working with the Digital Creativity Labs at the University of York to design and run a creative crossover event brining together creative practitioners and academics, in order to develop content for the York Mediale in 2018. The Mediale is the flagship initiative of York’s UNESCO designation - a new international media arts biennale.

Aiming to take place in Autumn 2018, and every two years thereafter, plans for the inaugural festival include major light commissions alongside interactive pavilions and exhibits that utilise the beautiful backdrop of the city like never before. Its 20-day programme will be underpinned by year-long development activity with schools, communities and businesses. DigiCreate will feed into this with a number of newly conceived pieces that will contribute to the Mediale and beyond.

The DigiCreate event was at full capacity with a notable waiting list and over 60 academics, creative professionals and digital media specialists attending the day-long event. Feedback was extremely positive and 12 submissions were subsequently received for the small development grants to take the ideas further and work them up into a feasibility-tested, full proposal.

This work will continue to develop as we move towards the Mediale...

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Project Info

  • Client DC Labs
  • Date March 2017
  • Type Creative-crossover innovation event
  • Place York
  • #DigiCreate

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